help centering steering wheel

i dont know why but my steering wheel periodically gets off center. its a small amout like 3 degrees or so. i have a four spoke wheel and the left spoke is about an inch lower then the right one when driving straight. its really just enough to be really annoying. the first couple times this happened i took it to sears to have an alignment and later to acura for an alignment. acura told me that the alignment was on and just recentered the steering wheel. This cost me $42. i was wondering if anyone has a service manual or knows how to center the steering wheel myself. i’ve tried to take off the steering wheel and turn it clockwise one notch, but then the wheel was off center to the right. i imagine it must be some adjusting bolt or nut under the car, but i dont know for sure. thanks anyone.

I’ve taken off my wheel tons of times. It’s a bit tricky to get it back on straight. you have to make sure your wheels are straight, then very carefully loosen the bolt, and then tighten it back. Drive it again and repeat. I’ve seen some mechanic use this steering lock device when they do alignments, but I haven’t been able to mimic this device with any stuff I have.

Trial and Error man!