Help cleaning hard water/film off exterior windows!!! (searched)

I was hoping someone could please help me with this, I am going crazy!!! Ive searched and searched and tried everything Ive found. The problem is the hard water deposits (I guess thats what it has to be) on the windows (they cover 100% of the windows) on my 93 ls will not come off with anything. Ive tried windex, windex with newspaper, clr, ammonia, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, oven cleaner, clay bar, wax, blades, steel wool (in conjunction with many of the above cleaners) and probably even a couple more. It will NOT come off. Barely even did anything with all of the above stuff. And when wiping with with a paper towel the window feels really rough and you can feel the paper towel “dragging” pretty badly. If anyone has any hints, tips, etc I would really appreciate it! Anything to get rid of these damn spots!

it sounds like more than just hard water spots. i’d try a glass poish/buffing compound, though i have no experience using them. good luck with that.

Try this product:
You may be able to get it at a local glass shop, or search around online for a good price. I got a tub of it from a buddy who used to work at a glass shop. Works great for removing water spots on windows. It takes quite a bit of muscle to use it though, your arms will definitely tire out.

Thanks for the help Ill try it!

I finally got my Zaino glass cleaner in the mail today! Works awesome, even steel wool wouldnt get these spots off but Zaino did with ease. It has mild abrasives which dig right in. Great stuff :up: Id reccomend it to anyone. Thanks for the help guys.

:up: awesome

Not to bring this back from the dead (too late lol), but in the end the zaino didnt really work that well. It took over an hour of work to fix a spot the size of a quarter. I just got a compressor and it came with a tool like dremel. Could I use this with a wool wheel or something to apply the zaino? Something else? Any more aggressive cleaners? Please help me out, Im desperate to get my car looking good!!!

I’d get a buffer, either a orbital style like porter cable, or a regular non orbital one. That will probably apply it better than your hands can, and cover a larger area that a dremel.

Any pics? After a year and a half of this problem, i’m curious to see what’s going on. This’ll probably sound stupid, but are you sure it’s on the exterior side of the glass? lol.

i have problems seeing out the windshield when it’s raining (its not fogged up), i just blast the heater and it clears it up for some reason.

friend of mine’s accord had what looked like water spots on the windshield, but they wouldn’t come off. Someone recommended polishing with Cerium Oxide.

My father tried polishing away a scratch from a windshield wiper on his car with a dremel, ended up just replacing the windshield. the wipers didn’t wipe properly across the spot after polishing.

Yes its on the exterior, lol. I will try and get pics as soon as I can. When I get the time I will try an orbital buffer and maybe the Cerium Oxide. Thanks so far for the input everybody, I really appreciate it!

For the amount of time and money that has been spent on buffing this windshield, wouldnt be easier to get it replaced with a new one? Mine has some bad pitting from the previous owner following gravel trucks or something!!!

Well its all the windows, thats why.