help... coin tray?!?!

aye whats up everyone! well i have a problem with my coin tray on my 2nd gen! For some reason the coin tray wont stay close, but always drop down and stay like that… i tried to figure it out, but i just dont get it… if anyone knows how to fix this problem write back a-sap… thanks everyone!

Just to clarify… are you talking about the tray by your left knee or the tray below the radio?

by his left knee.

It is held only by a couple of posts

one of which I broke off when I was pulling off the dash to install a new stereo. I just glued it back and no problems. No springs involved in keeping it closed. Try something on the tabs like paper or elmers glue maybe.

i have a problem with the one by my left knee…when i open it it falls down to the floor.i dont understand why.

yea… its the one by the left knee… i dont know why it wont stay closed… its pissing me off! hahaha…

do you ever use it? if not super glue that bitch down. :whip:

I actually use it. It’s pretty handy… :smiley: Especially with all these damn meters and tolls in the city… :giggle:

Its just held in by two little plastic nibs on either side. If its falling down, either the plastic tabs are broken, or the slot in which they it in is completly gone. If you wanted a ghetto fix, just get something to slot into the hole on the dash, and drill a hole through the actual coin tray. From there, just slot it through the hole you drilled and super glue it on the inside of the tray.

You could probably use a coat hanger. If you’ve still got the plastic piece that broke off, you could always super glue that back on.


or buy the tan one in perfect condition that I have! $10 shipped to your door, tan in color both tabs intact.

yea i got a new one with both tabs on each side but it still doesnt stay up =( sooo i dunno whats wrong with it…

the little tabs on the bottom corners? thast odd if its opening and bothof them are still intact

there are 2 metal straight clips that hold the tray in place and provide the resistance against opening.

any1 got a pix of what it looks like with the clips on the side?

clips go on the backside of the tray… you need to pull the lower trim out… and put it in from behind.