Help constant air flow out through breather hole

I am getting a constant stream of air coming out of the breather hole…I mean a good amount of it aand it is constant. Feels like when you blow air from your mouth to the back of your hand. I just replaced the pcv valve so I was wondering if any of you guys know what the problem is?

Also I am idling extremely high, like 2k after car is warm. I think this is the IACV problem, but will this cause the breather hole to shoot out air? Along with the air, when i press on the throttle a good amount of oil shoots out as well.

BTW, I just changed out my JG cams and put in GSR cams and redid the valve adjusment and timing belt. the intake cam gear is a bit advance cmopared to the exhaust. I mean intake is pointing at roughly 56minute while exhaust is at 0. I must have splipped putting on the belt, but will fix it later on the week.

The thing is, it wasnt doin that b4 the cam swap.


anyone…and the intake is retarded not dvance as mentioned above =/