HELP!!! Del Sol w/ LS Power

i need to know exactly what im going to need to swap my 91 ls motor, tranny, and ecu into a 94 del sol. i have the entire 91 integra so anything ill need out of the 91 teg i have. i want to use my non obd ecu and i know its possible. someone help me out with this. this is the same swap as an ls into a 92-95 civic dx. i need help, the kid that im getting the del sol from is coming up in less than 2 weeks and i need to know everything!!! what mounts do i use to swap it in?? its a 91 ls its a 94 del SLOW! not slow for long though. and which do i do?? change the cable tranny to hydro or change the hydro car to accept the cable tranny??

Brett Simmons