Help,electrical BS

Ok, I just got a car alarm installed. Then suddenly I have a weird electrical problem. The temp gauge jumps when I signal, both signal meters on the cluster light up, erratic idle. Took it to a shop. They said it was the alarm. Took it off. Car was fine. Had a brand new alarm installed. Then problems came back. Had it removed again, then everything was normal. A couple days pass, and I notice that when I flip on my highbeams, while I drive, It flickers, when I drive with normal beams, it doesnt flicker. But when I signal, while I drive, it kinda flickers, but when I am in place with car on… Everything is fine. This is driving me crazy man… I drive with the highs on, I see the blue high beam indicator flickering, and my temp gauge kinda jumps. This only happens when I drive. When I am in place, idle, nothing flickers. I just changed my grounds. The one on the valve cover, & the tranny, This only happened after the alarm was installed. Alarm had flashing parking lights, ignition kill, power door locks. BUt That is all gone. I have a 1992 gsr. BUt This thing really drives me nuts. What could it be? A short? Grounding wires? Or is my signal switch shorting? GIve me some light yo! Email me , pls, or post. Email preffered.

a) posted in the wrong forum (try electrical?)

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