help engine idles up and down

hi im new to this forum but i have a 91 integra with a b 16 in it im almost dum putting it together but the engine idle real weird it will not stay at one steady speed im not sure wut it might be because the car runs perfect like it will accelerate fine and everything well any help would be appreciated thank u

ummm… check your vacumm lines, if not then check your sensors u might of plugged in the wrong ones i.e. MAP and TPS…

have you checked the F.I.T valve right under the tb it comes loose just take it apart and tighten the screw maybe put some lock tight on it it will be all good

ok ill try it thank u

o yea its reading a code 6 cuz the engine light is on and i think it s a coolant sensor but i dont no how to chek it or were it is

no 6 is a crank angle sensor. which is inside your §§§§§ when that goes your car will stop running. and you cant change it you have to get another §§§§§

wut is $$$$$$ that lookin thing

Someone too lazy to type out distributor.