HELP... excesive shaking at high speeds, left front wheel, what could it be???

Hello fellas, i have this weid shaking thing going on on my teggy, just this morning i was looking around to see if i notice anything, then i see that there is one bolt missing on the left side motor mount, so i thought that could be the cause to the problem, i installed it, i recently changed my left sider cv half shaft, i needed it anyways, third i thought it was the alaignment that was causing it, i took it to the alaingment shop, they fixed my specs, and changed the left side tie rod, i had too much play, after all this i doesnt shake as much, but now it only shakes a little bit in 2nd gear, but i goes up as i go into 3rd, 4rd, and finally, i does shakes bad in 5th gear, now my final gues is that my left motor mount is probably damaged because it ran without that bolt that was missing earlier…by the way it is lower by 2 1/2 inches but i dont think that has anything to do with this…:werd:


i say u get ur wheels balanced first. alignments are great, but if u have an imbalanced wheel, u’ll mainly feel that at about 65mph. thats for slightly imbalanced… if its severe or if u have bad runout, then its more than just a vibration, its scary. try rotating ur tires. and see if that changes anything. if it does, then u need to get all ur tires/wheels checked and balanced.

i got them balanced, and i just rotated them, i even took back and exchanged the axle, drivers, back because it seemed that i had a little bit of play in the inner cv joint, and the new one i got today is does have some play, now im thinking, is it because these axles are junk or the middle shaft, the one that connects the driver axle to the tranny might be worn out or damaged…possible??? or should i just go to an other store and get another one…???or could it be the drive axle seal???

get a new axle. try that. if that dont work, then maybe a wheel bearing.

Jack up the car and pull on the wheels, side to side and front to back. If it moves you got a bad ball joint. If it was a bearing he would here a whoo whoo sound when hes moving. Aslo check if your ball joints are tight a lot of people think cause the lower ball joints have cotter pins that they don’t have to be torque down. Good luck and let us know the out come.