HELP front suspension really squeeky

i have r1 coilovers with the tokico blues for about a year now…i realize the coilover’s paint is chipping or crackin off…i used the bump stops that tokico provided on the shocks and they seem to be touching the hats…whick means theres no play…should i change the bump stops back to the stock ones and cut them in half? my cars lowered bout 2.5 inch…our shocks are too damn long and skinny in my opinion…sucks!

you can try cutting the bump stops, tokico probably has them that length to keep the shocks from getting destroyed by excessive motion.

For one, if your running blues at a 2.5inch drop its very posable the struts are blown out. I have oem’s on the back that make a noise very similar to a squeek and they are both leaking oil. Or as strike said it could be that way to prevent too much travel, and the could be hitting because your tring to run them way too low.

take off the upper strut nuts and the bushing there, then try to take out the collar and shove some lithium grease on the bushings and reasemble. seemed to do the trick for both of my cars.