help!! getting cold!

my 90 rs blows out cold air no matter where the temp control knob is, is this cable operated or is it electronic? there is very little resistance when turning the knob and nothing happens at all, on most cars you can hear/feal some kind of change in the air even if the enigine is not warmed up. has anybody else had this problem?

There always seems to be at least a little bit of a breaz coming from the vents. Try turning the temp knob to hot w/out actually turning the air on.

yeah but there is never any hot air coming out of it no matter how long i leave it on hot

Time to get your ac repaired! My friend had the same problem, so when he bought the car he had that fixed…i’m not sure how much it cost. I will try to find out what he had to do to fix it for ya.:read:

my ac works great it is just the heat that doenst

maybe the cable broke? There are two that connect to the knob. One of mine had broken off (the plastic clamps that hold them snapped) I’d pull it apart and see if something like that happend. HTH


Cable disconnected?

The controller in my RS is linked by cable to the input hose to my heater core under my dash. When you turn it, it opens the valve which lets in hot water from the engine into the heater core. If the core is plugged or if no hot water comes in, that would be a cause.

I’d get that checked.

to take the heater control out do i have to remove the dash or does it just come out? thanks for the help

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to take the heater control out do i have to remove the dash or does it just come out? thanks for the help

You don’t have to take out the dash, but you have to take out the two kick panels and the black thing (always forget that name) that wraps the gauge cluster and holds in the buttons. I’d recommend the helms manual for this, I believe it’s in there. I had to replace mine but didn’t have the manual. It’s pretty easy. Let me know if you have any questions. My email is


i had my dash trim off the other day and found out that the temp control was not pushing/pulling the cable. i pulled the cable towards the rear of the car and it started working so ill keep it there for now till i can get a hold of a new temp control