Help! Got alignment but still have problems

Alright, I just got back from getting the teg aligned and I have some problems that I need some help with. First of all I’m on KYB GR2s all around with Eibach pros. Here’s a scan of the alignment sheet:

1 - Is the camber bad enough to warrant a camber kit?
2 - Why is the camber so different on the two front wheels?
3 - I need some way to fix the toe on the back tires. I used the washer trick to fix the camber (which worked I assume from the camber measurements) but I guess somehow that changed the toe because the shop said that they’ve already adjusted it to the max and it’s still wrong. I used three washers per bolt if I remember correctly. If you look at the chart, the toe on the right rear is fine but it’s the one on the left that’s the problem(yet the camber is almost identical). Why is it so out of whack if I did the same thing to both sides? What can I do to fix this? :confused:

I’d really appreciate your help!