HELP! Header wont fit!

ok heres the situation,

i have a b16 in my 90 integra and my dc sports 4-1 ceramic headers wont fit. ive cleared the front crossmember, which is what i heard was the only problem, but now it wont clear the oil pan. i need like another half inch of clearance to line up to the exhaust manifold studs.

can anyone help me?

What car was the header made for? Is it a jdm model header?

Ok i was able to squeeze it in there. the header is for a 99+ civic si. but the header is tight up against my oil pan, so im getting a piece of heat shield wrap to put in between the header and oil pan, thanks anyways

same with me.

yo i have a jdm b16 and got me a 4-1 headers from dc i also had to take the cross-member out so i can put the headers, but it’s near the cross- member.

hey eric - does your header fit really tight up against your oil pan at the bottom, because mine does, and its kinda bothering me, im gonna put some heat wrap in between the header and oil pan soon

i dont know if my is up against the oil pan but its against the cross-member