HELP - HELP -HELP!!!!! Car wont start after dying on the road

ok…so the battery light has been on and I took it to Autozone, they said batt and alt were fine…just replace the cable wires. I havent had a chance to until now that I was forced to.

Here is what happen…late last night on my way home the car starts up fine…but everything is SUPER DIM - lights, dash, etc. About 2 miles down the road…all electrical is GONE and the engine dies. I coast to an exit and sit on the side of the road…there is a tiny bit of juice left…just enough to get the hazards to barely blink…but super dim too.

Anyway…towed it back to the house…took the battery and fully charged it up…changed out the battery cables. All the electrical turns on inside the car…but when I turn the key to start…NOTHIN. :wtf:

It makes kinda a clicking noise and all the dash lights light up…but the car doesnt turn over. HELP PLEASE!

Sure your hooked up the starter solenoid wire or just stick in that road grime next to the blade? Check your bar fuse in the “black box”. check the solenoid by jumping from the pos term to the solenoid blade.

where is the solenoid wire located and what does it look like?

Single wire with a bayonet end, goes to the starter in a cup, there is a single blade, you know, what you’d jump to from the battery. or follow the small pwr wire to that :read: box on the firewall, insides all kinds of wonderful fuses.:werd:

Im sorry but I disagree.

Get your battery and alternator checked out again. If the car was starting and then everything was getting dim you were obviously having a charging issue.

Check your grounds running from the tranny to the chassis (under the battery) and from the engine to the chassis. If all that is tight, get a voltmeter and check how much voltage you have on the battery - you need more than 12v to start the car.

Ok…battery is now fully charged…changed out the battery cables…and now…when I go to start it…all it does is “click-click-click”…NOTHIN

I was told its the alt…but then why wouldnt it start with a full charge on the batt? Now I’m told its the starter…

So I’ll bascially be checking both out.

But what really bakes my noodle is…if it was the alt…then why wouldnt the car start up with a fully charged battery? And if its the starter now…why the hell did the car just die on my in by the ghetto?


there is probably a bad ground i had a similar problem with mine check the ground wire that runs from the driver side headlight to the motor check if it is broken and if it is replace or try grounding it to sumwhere eltse.

If you have all the time you should really remove the alternator and check inside for the brushes see if its all weared down. Perhaps u can just replace that. Now about the starter if its just clicking removing it and get it tested or do it yourself test to see if the starter gearing flys out as postive power is apply to it. You can also replace parts inside the starter also.

I always like to see sparks once my car is started Pull each spark plug wire out one at a time and lean it on the metal and see if i get good blue spark or weak yellow/orange, kinda tell me something is fishy or worn on my electrical system. pull one at a time and plug it back to continue with the next wire.

Keep me posted.

sorry but you have a bad battery end of story…most of those idiots at auto zone dont know there ass from a whole in the ground much less test a charging system

agreed. And yes its true if u havent replace your battery in so long say like 4-5 yrs or u just dont know pretty much its the battery.

When turboteg1.8 mention the battery i figure it could be that the cells are worn down.
Pretty much like a rechargable battery after 1xxx use it goes weak period. Maybe full charged and check right way will shown fully charged battery but you get the picture.

So, when are you going to prove your starters is operational?:werd:
In neutral, with e-brake on and wheels chocked. Jump that pos term of batt to the starter term (blade in cup). With a full batt the bitch ought to at least spin the starter motor. Next, try this with the key in run position, hopefully it starts. Then you can get a new starter key switch.:read:
Also, lets get something straight from the mensa crowd. Does the clutch have to be depressed to start our manual trans cars?:umno:

Car wont start after swap


Also, lets get something straight from the mensa crowd. Does the clutch have to be depressed to start our manual trans cars?:umno:[/QUOTE]

unless you bypass the switch, yes it does, if you jump the starter obviously it wont matter, but in the cabin yes