help! horns goes off on its own randomly

so about a few weeks ago i was driving and all of a sudden my horn started to go off and i tried to hit the horn to see if it would stop and nothing. shut off and turned on the car, nothing. took key out off ignition and nohing i was only down the block so i rushed hometo try and disconnect battery but by the time i got home it had shut off and then the horn didnt work for about 2 min . today i was at the mall and it went off but i hit the steering wheel and it shut off them it kept doing it randomly for about 3min . when i got home it did it again and hitting the steering wheel cured it but i got out of the car slammeed the door and it went off! i think it might be something inside the steering wheel because some times when i turn it it sound like something is rattling around i think it might be making the ground contact but everything just dont add up im tired of scaring ppl on the road lol please someone help!!!

pull the horn button and check it out…

You have a short in the ground lead to the horn, someplace between the steering column harness plug and the horn or a problem at the slip rings in the steering wheel, or as mentioned, the horn button.

Easiest way to find it is by unplugging the steering column harness button, if horn stops going off the problem is the slip rings or the horn button, if not the problem is a short in the horn ground lead.

Has car been in an accident, [damage to front end]?
has any “wiring” been done under the dash, [alarm/remote start, gauges and so on]? 94

That’s pretty fcuking embarrassing teehee :giggle:

no no accidents but the car already had an aftermarket alarm on it when i bought it .

Then pull the steering wheel trim and find and unplug the horn lead, [blue/red], at the same time you can see if the alarm has been wired to the horn lead in any way at the steering wheel harness. 94