Help: How to install prothane motor mounts

Hey, do i need to press these out like the control arms or can i just use regular tools?

you can use regular tools. have you ordered them yet? if you haven’t I would think twice about it. i have just the rear one in now b/c i couldn’t stand all of the noise and rattles that they created. they will shake your car apart. just my $0.02

Right now I’m getting wheel hop and I’m thinking that if I can get them for 15 bucks from this one guy then maybe i might get them. Are they pretty hard to install?

92b16teg: I’m from madison, just moved here, are there alot of members here in town?

the only one i know is Joe92rt but he doesn’t own a teg, he has a friend that does and he is helping him with a monster turbo motor build up. I have some that i am going to be getting rid of soon. i modified the drivers side one b/c for some reason it was for a different mount. maybe i ordered the wrong ones or maybe my mount is off of a gsr or something but it only has one opening in for the mount to fit in to and the mount came with 2 tabs to go in 2 holes. but you could probably have them for 10 bucks when i get my energy suspension mounts in. oh btw, i know htere are other members in town here i just don’t know any of them.

where did you move here from? what does your car look like. maybe i have seen it around.

Okay, so the bushing is really easy to put in right? all i have to do is take out the bolt, pop the old ones out and then pop the new ones in. ok anything else I should know before I put them in?

Actually, I’m just going to school here in madison. I have a red teg with 16inch moteg rims in the back and stock wheelies in the front.

When u have the mounts out, they are dang easy to install. the problem is getting the rear mount out. took me around 2 hrs of wiggling the engine around to pull it out. A helpful hint: change the rear before you do the other ones cuz if u have the side mounts in, the engine will be stuck there and u won’t be able to wiggle it around.

92b16teg still got his rear one in cuz he’s too scared to take it out since it’s the biggest bitch ever. I only have the rear one in also. it seems to stablize the engine well enough with only the rear mount.

nah i still have my rear one in b/c i haven’t ordered my ES ones yet. i have had my rear mount out a few times so i know all of the tricks which actually make it really easy.