HELP: how to yellow out the fog lights and smoke corner lenses

I was wanting to yellow out my fog lights. I have the usdm headlights i dont just want a yellow bulb i want the hole fog lens to be yellow.

And the corner lights im looking to smoke them like a dark dark amber. If you guys have any pics of yours or other cars and tips on how to do it it would be greatly apprieciated. thanks in advance

I used krylon stained glass paint. took me a bit to find, Ended up finding it at ace hardware

turned out like this

More recent: after much rain

All I did was take off my front bumper

two screws on each wheel well
2 under the bumper
take turn lights out and take out both bolts inside behind the lights each side.
There should be one or two bolts holding in the fog.

I ended up doing about 3 thin coats
Just pop those out, clean lights, Tape off unwanted areas, paint and install.

sit back and soak it in :rockon:

Or you can just open the hood and take out the small nut on the sides closest to the hood latch and pull your fog light lenses out… Sounds much easyer then taking apart the front bumper.

or you could do that. :read:

haha. yah i was told i would have to remove my whole front bumper just to install my new one piece headlights. adn i was able to remove them with out takin off the bumper. all i needed was a long ass extension to get to the bold down below and insert it through the corner lamp when removed

I was told the same about the bumper but that extension made it so much easier. I just used the bulb cover and it looks good still but if ou want to yellow the whole lens go for it. To each their own.

How long of an extender do you need?

I used the longest one i had in the box. 10"?