Help! indiglo guages not working

Today I installed my indiglo guages. I insalled them using the teg tips. I spliced the power wire to the cruse control illumination wire and hooked the ground wire to the chassis. they worked when i tested them at first but once i put the dash back together they stopped working. so i took the dash apart all over again and checked my power and gorund with a volt meter, checked my connections and wires, and checked all of the fuses. All of that was good so now I am stuck. :argh: Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Check your ground … if it’s not secure enough, they can be touchy. Mine worked temporarily off of one ground, but then ceased… I had to reground to the BIG screw in the middle off the center of the dash (behind the cluster) to get a good ground, they’ve worked since.


check yur relay… i had to replace mine …now it works… HTH

where did you get a new relay???

fortunately i had a spare indiglo w/ relays from my dads civic so i just used that and it worked…

go look at ebay …