Help installing ITR Intake Manifold

I just picked up an ITR Intake manifold, throttle body, sensors, fuel rail and injectors. Anyone know where I can get a How-to on doing this install. Also, can the injectors off a ITR be used on a 1992 GS-R (B17A)? Is there anyway to tell if they are ITR injectors? Thanks in advance!

Also, can I reuse the sensors on the ITR manifold or just use the ones bolted on my stock manifold?

The manifolds should just be a simple swap. It should bolt up just like the stock one. As for the sensors they should plug right in to your stock harness. The only things that have to be OBD compatable are your ECU, distributor, and injectors. I’m not 100% familiar with your exact swap, but all the other intake manifolds I have installed this is all that mattered.