help installing sideskirts

Hey, i just recieved a set of used ww RS side skirts.
First question, is there some kind of chemical solution or something to take off the old 3m double-sided tape?
Second question, I looked at the wings west ebsite but im still confused on how to put them on. Any help or pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

well the doubled sided tape question got me confused, but in side each skirt it should say left or right, thats self explainitory, you should get some self taping screws from your local hardware the sorter ones not long ones, and then you just jack the car up and line it up to how you’d like to see it and then you get some one to peel the strip off the tape stick it, hold it and you put some screws in there, i found that a jack will help you hold the skirt in place while you do some work and while the tape gets time to stick. hope that helps

Hey Bryan, what’s up? Where did you get the sideskirts from? If you go to home depot or any automotive store, they should have stuff that takes the tape gunk off for ya…and also, why don’t you just put tape on the sideskirt where they were before and stick em on your car? Pics of the sideskirts next to you car would be helpful…let me know…

Hope the oilpan is workin ok for ya…

the tape is already on the sideskirts but its not sticky cuz its already been used. And there is patches where the is no tap what so ever so i want to take it all off.

littlemracura- i ghot them off a member on here. I still have yet to put the oil pan on. Thanks for it though.

If you have a drill, go to an auto supply or hardware store and buy a rubber eraser wheel … then carefully (don’t dig into the skirt) take off the old tape. Detailer’s trick ;).

Or you can use a heat gun and your fingers … :(.

mine rub in the doorjams and i cant really open and close the door…would i have to raise the door?

hey crazyseaman i though u want to sell those …
i still waiting for u to let me know .
well about the door , no wat happen is the u put them to high, u have to bring them down a lil bit more .

and yo , wasup with the guages ?
u got it done ?

i never bought gauges, i was just curious for another reason and im not sure 100% bout selling them cause i actually never tried putting them on, its too cold and my cars been sitting in the garage…i’ll email you though if i do sell them

well bro like i told u before . i live on lamartine and my car is also sitting down .
i hope when ever we take them out we go out for a ride .
to represent the family up here in yonkers

ya well im hosting a meet at the palasades mall, u should check that out

put me in
i see if by that time i have my papers for the car , i will bring some friends too