HELP installing valve springs

i just got a crower dual valve spring w/ titanium retainers…for my LS head w/ JG 301 cams

can i instiall the springs and retainers w/o removing the head…is there a special tool?..will the valves fall down when i remove the older?..

just need some advice

There is a tool that snap on sells that can remove and reinstall the valve springs without removing the head, but it’s over $200. Mechanics have two ways of keeping the valves from dropping into the cylinder. First is by stuffing soft rope into the cylinder through the spark plug hole till it’s full. The other is by pressurizing the cylinder with air. Let me know if you have any questions.

I thought if you had whatever cylinder you’re working on at TDC, the valve can’t drop down out of finger-reach?

Well, how do you suppose you’re going to get the valve sprigs back on? The valves MUST be all the way seated in order for the keepers to snap into the groove into the valve.

so iam confused is it possilble to install valve spings w/o having to remove the head… where can i get the tool? and about the TDC seems a lil true…it would not cause the valves to fall cuz the piston is holding it up?? am i right?..

The tool you can find here…

And the pistons will only hold the valve up partially. Not enough to reinstall the valve springs.

Maybe a magnet, or needle noses?

Edit: All I meant by TDC is so you don’t lose your valve.

which one is it G2GURU??

be specific…so pretty much its possible with this tool?

Yes, you do not have to remove the head to change out the valvesprings.

you can blow compressed air in there to hold it up. youd proably need a pretty big tank if youre putting them back on manually. just get the right tools, its a PITA otherwise. took me like an hour just to get two keepers back on. took the mechanic like 20 seconds =/

I did this. My page is at
I use a compression tester hose to compress the cylinder while it was at tdc and then use a $75 overhead spring compressor (generic version of the snapon tool) and used a magnetic screwdriver to move the keepers in and out. Ended up with ITR springs and retainers and CTR cams and lots more HP!!!

i got a compression tester tooi guess ude the tube like u did…good idea…i guess it works…but where did u get that valve spring compresor at?
can i use any…so u didnt have to take off you head…even better done have cash for a head gasket right now…

i got that tool by posting a want ad on I know you can buy it new for about $115 from about 5 sites on the internet, i just cant remember where

Sup man ? For you do I leave the cams in or not when changing springs and retainers? And if you do take em out do I gotta put em back in everytime I have to rotate to technology per piston?

i would go with the SOFT rope route. pretty much fail safe