help jdm rear struts!

can anyone tell me if anyone makes rear shock absorbers for the japanese xsi, i have searched everywhere and cannot find listings or part numbers except for the us style u bracket end shocks as opposed to the xsi which has an eye with a bushing on the end, my head is melted seriously…

Sounds like the 88-CRX/Civic and 97-01 Type R rear lower control arm was used for the Xsi application in Japan. So, there are dampers available that will fit your application. I can give you the specifics on a Bilstein application but I want to mention a couple things first. If you are using the stock springs, or shorter “lowering” versions of an OE spring (like Eibach, H&R, etc.) you will most likely need to have additional retaining ring grooves machined into the housings to match the OE spring perch location (Bilstein offers this service). The Bilstein spring perch seats on this retaining ring. If not done, you car may sit a little bit uneven when compared to the same spring on a stock shock. More on this later. If you plan to install a coil over conversion kit, then the ring groove locations are not an issue but, DO NOT lower the car beyond 1-1.5” lower than stock. You will basically be riding on bump stop, have suspension geometry issues, and risk bottoming out your new shocks and you can say good bye to them in a short period of time. Not good. This detail is true for all the Tokico and KYB brand replacement shocks. So, back to what you can consider for the car. The Bilstein BE5-2341-H0 is for the rear of the Type R Integra. It has multiple retaining ring grooves already machined into it and you might just find that one is in the best location to match the OE shocks perch location. It is never good to mix and match brands of dampers because the tuning philosophy and/or mechanical design and effect may not mesh with the “other” brand. So, consider keeping the same manufacturer on both ends of the car. The front Bilstein that will work nicely is a B36-1381-H0 which is for the 88-91 Honda CRX/Civic. You could swap your front shock wish-bone for the 94-01 Integra part and do the matched Type R front Bilstein (BE5-2340-H0) and is a little bit shorter than the CRX/Civic shock with multiple snap ring groves just like the rear. Since it is a hybrid application in general, you need to go about this with the understanding that it is a “custom” application and you are on your own, so to speak.

What ever your choice may be, my advice is to do it right and do it smart. You will have a really nice setup that rides well and lasts for many years to come.

thanks for your help it is much appreciated as no one has really given me any help on the matter up untill this point, had tried crx 90 rear shocks but with the lenght difference the car was literally sitting on the trailing arms!!! just to make sure i understand correctly, the type r’s shocks are the same lenght with the same lower arm fitting, just the spring seat is in a different location, so will i have to have the extra ring grooves placed higher or lower than the originals on the shock body? thanks again for your help

That is correct. If you want to give me some specific dimensions off your cars dampers, I can confirm the fitment more accurately. ie: lower bushing width, spring perch location as measured from the center of the lower bushing, shock housing length, etc. If not, hope it works out for you and enjoy the ride!

will measure them tomorow to confirm, much appreciated