help lightening up(removing charcoal canister and air circulation system)

ok i am trying to strip my car down to the basics, and i was stomped on a couple things. how do you physically get the air circulation system out that is in the middle of the car under the dash. i have the dash and all suport bars out and its just hanging there but wont come out. any ideas?
also i heard you can remove the charcoal canister does anybody know the procedure to do this? thanks morgan

When i switched to a newer TB, it didn’t have anything for the hose comming from the charcoal canister. So i just removed it and plugged up the line comming from the firewall. I’ve been runnning like this for 6 mos. now, no problems.

sweet. what about if you take out the air circulation thingy? it has coolant lines goin to it for the heater core i believe. do you tie these 2 hoses togeter?

Yes you do tie the lines together. Let me know how much it weighs?

well i still cant get the piece out. i unbolt it and it just hovers, for a lack of a better word. there is no room behind it to see whats holding it but if i smack it it goes like up and down like if a hardline was still attached? anybody get theirs out? thanks morgan