Help Major $hit Here

My car idles from 1,000 to 1500 contiunesouly. Then today when i parked a few minutes ago. I parked pulled E-brake, and all hell broke loose. Sound like there is a loud clicking, like a spark, but it seemed like it’s not getting any fuel!!! I romp the gas and still no response, then it kicks in and revs high. I have a b16a. It’s really starting to piss me off. It wanted to die basically but couldn’t. Any clues or help Please. I need my car for work.

need mroe information and symptons to diagnose. when did you start having tis problem??? and what is this spark you are talking about?? not too sure.

Is the clicking continuous? It started when you pulled the E-brake?

Why do you think it wasn’t getting any fuel?

Have you done anything recently or earlier that could’ve caused damage to the engine (ie. missed shift…).

I have no idea…sorry.:frowning: