Help me please....

OK heres the problem…i just put a new engine in my teg(ive got an auto LS-S) and when the cars in drive and im sitting at a redlight or whatever there is this hard shake that goes throught he whole car. now i had the problem with the old engine and i never could find out what was doing it. with this new engine i figured i wouldnt have any problems and my car would run like a brand new car. well i dropped a B18B into the car and my dads friend put my intake manny on the engine instead of leaving the one that came on it on there because he said it had more hoses and whatnot. well i also wanna know if i can use that mannifold because its got it be in much better shape than the one that was one my old engine. of someone can let me know what i need to do to put it back on the engine and what do do with the other vaccum lines that are on it as well as what to do about the shaking it would be much appreciated because its driving me nuts and my dads friend doesnt know why its shaking.

Check your motor mounts, one or more of them may be broke.
You could also try resetting your ECU and see if that helps out if it is just at idle.
If none of those fix it and your have recently done a full tune up then I would suggest you find a friend with a similar ECU and try his out.
If none of that works then I would assume that one of your sensors on your intake manifold is bad and causing your car to idle rough.


BR heres the thing…all the motor mounts are brand new…they wre put in 3 days ago…HONDA mounts. well anyway the shaking is really bad when the cars in either drive or reverse… when im sitting at a light i just put it in neutral and the shaking calms down a good bit but there is till a slight shake…so you still think its the mounts??/ let me know man i gotta get this **** fixed cause i just got it out the shop yesterday and it was doing this same **** before i got the new motor. oh and i found out that my old mounts had fallen apart so i figured these new ones would have helped the shaking. well let me know man thanks

Alright, the mounts are out of the question then.
If it does it in drive and reverse, but it calms down when your in neutral then it is due to the load that being in gear puts on your teg. You know when your in gear, the idle drops a little… I think it is dropping too low.
Try resetting your ECU properly first. There are instructions in the teg tips section. If that doesnt do it then I would suggest either turning your idle up a little bit. There is a flat head screw on your throttle body for that. That should set you right.
The way that I see it is like this… It did it with the old motor, that is a fact. The new one shouldnt have done this, but it is. If you think about it, the only part that was used off of the old motor was the intake manifold. That also means that all of the sensors on the old engine are now on the new engine. That is why I think one of your sensors is tripping it off, but the idle screw thing should work out fine.
Good luck and let me know what happens.