help me please!

my car has this problem where it feels like it’s cutting out but when you hit about 4000 rpms it kicks in like normal but when i reset the ecu it goes away but comes back in a few days. Then sometimes when i’m at a light my car just dies and after a few tries it’ll start up again. my wires are a couple months old. i’ve checked my distributor, i’ve got the msd ignition and coil. i’ve checked my vacuum hoses. new fuel filter. anyone got any ideas? please help me! thanks!

get rid of your MSD… Clean your Idle Air Control.



Similar problem here… but at 3000-3500 rpms.

Does your car do the funny idling when at stoplight only once each drive? Mine does! And it seems to do it only when the car reaches the operating temp. We are having a similar problem.

Wires are couple months old, cap/rotor about a year and half old, vacuum hoses OK. Didn’t replaced the fuel filter yet, but don’t really think it could cause this.

I’m leaning toward the O2 sensor or the ECT sensor being bad… Did you replaced thoses?

i’m gonna try unplugging the o2 sensor tomorrow. i just replaced that when i got my header which was like a year ago. what’s the ECT?

Same here, I replaced the O2 when I got my header about a year ago too…

The ECT is the “Engine Coolant Temperature” sensor. Located near the oil filter(do a search, pics where posted not long ago). I’m thinking ECT because the bogging at stoplight seems to only happen when the engine reaches the operating temp. Is that also your problem?

BTW, unplugging the O2 sensor cures everything in my case. So maybe i’ll try replacing it but I need to take care of my bad wheel bearing and motor mounts first!