help me with interior

i’m repainting my interior and i was wondering how to get the rear trim pannel out of my coup. the ones right to the sides of the rear seat. do i have to take all the trunk panels to. i have a haynes and it doesnt tell me anything. thanks

are you talking about the arm rest areas ? The part that’s covered with cloth? Or the part that’s ALL AROUND the cloth area?

the whole piece cuz im changing the interior from palmy blue to black thanx

Yeah how do you do this? I’m trying to mount some tweeters on the top part of this area and I need to remove the rear passenger panels on the sides so I can drill/run wire. Any help would be great!

I just changed my whole intrerior.

Sup, I changed my whole interior a while back and those two back pieces are a pain to get out. The rear pieces by the back seats are actually one big piece on each side that wrap around all the way to the rear hatch.

Let me see how much of this I can remember…
This may be long…

First you need to clean everything out of your trunk. It’ll make removal and installation easier.

Next, remove your rear privacy cover. Then take out the very back plastic piece in the hatch. It’s the big rectangular shaped piece by the tail lights. You will need to lift the spare tire coverboard in order to get to a few screws that are on the bottom spare tire well. They are mostly, if not all, plastic screws w/ the plastic anchor/claw looking thing. Make sure you don’t lose those.

You will also need to remove your rear seats because the lower portion is covering a hole where a hidden screw is. The rear seats are easily removed by 6x10 mm bolts that are on the back bottom of the seat. (By the part that swivels.) The lower portion just has one 10 mm bolt in the back middle section. The back carpet also comes out w/ the rear seats.

Remove the screws for your rear speaker covers. And remove covers. (3 screws?)

After the seats are out and you can just sit in the hatch part, look around for more plastic screws that are holding the side pieces in.

To get the front of this large piece off, open the door and jiggle a flathead in so you can gently pry it up and out. If you have all the correct screws out, it should just “snap” out. Be careful when taking it out and don’t miss any hidden screws. Don’t force anything cuz it may break.
Also notice the rubber seal around the rear quarter window. There is a small flat metal clip on your rear piece that needs to go under that when you put your interior back in.

Patience is the key.

I hope this helps a little. Sorry it’s late and I can’t remember every exact detail.
Let me know if I can be of more assistance.