Help on cleaning throttle body please!!

Hi guys,
I am trying to clean the throttle body on my 92 teg. I have the repair manual so I know how to take the assembly apart. My question is, what do I clean it with? Carb cleaner? Also, is there something i need to look out for, so I don’t mess up my bady. any suggestion from people that have done it before would be helpful.


Carb cleaner won’t screw anything up, another thing I would suggest is Brake parts cleaner. All these are very similar products, basically a really hardcore degreaser that evaporates into nothing very, very quickly.

email me and i will send you some cleaner for your throttle body

I use Gumout air intake and throttle body cleaner for fuel injected engines if the throttle body is still on the car. This product is safe for 02 sensors. Works very well in removing dirt bulid up.