Help on installing shocks

Hum… i got my GR2, the instructions comes with it shows there seems to be a lot hardwares to be mount onto the shocks, however, i only found like 2 bolts in the box.

Are those hardwares mentions on the instructions means the old ones on the stock suspensions? I just reuse the old ones and put them on the new shocks?

Is it a good idea to reuse them? Or should i simply get some new hardware to put them on the new shocks? If yes, how much would it be approx.?

Any other comments, experience, tricks on installing the suspension would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You can use all your old bolts and stuff.


Yo ben, do you know what coilover will fit the GR2 that has a spring rate around 300 or 350? I heard from that 450 spring rate will kill the GR2 pretty quick.

Get some civic skunks or Gc’s. They have spring rates around 300-350.


will they fit? how come a civic coil will fit integra? or it simply doesn’t matter since they are coilovers? as long as they have the same height right? should i get the same year model of my teg as well?

THANKS BEN!!! YOU ARE MY GOD!!! :bowdown:

It doesnt matter what year. The sleeves are all the same its the spring rates that are different. Glad i could help.


yo one more question, what is the recommanded daily spring rate for our gen2? recommanded as in better than stock performance, and still won’t kill a lot ride quality. I am willing to sacrefice 50% of ride quality.