Help on mystery lines

Hey guys I’m in the process of dropping a new motor into my DA. It’s a b18a 5 speed. I’ve got 2 spots that I can’t figure out where the hoses are supposed to go, any help would be appreciated…

apparently I dont know how to load pics onto here. I guess I need some help with that too…until then, here’s the link to the gallery

First pic is where your speedometer cable goes. That unit is called your Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). It spins your speedo cable and that tells the speedometer in your gauge cluster how fast you’re going. The speedo cable should be coming out of the firewall behind the engine and it’ll have a small rubber boot on the end. You’ll also need to make sure to install the small clip which keeps the cable from coming out of the VSS.

The second pic is simply a breather vent in the transmission. No hose or anything connects to it. But you are supposed to have a cap on the top so that debris and water can’t get into your trans.

It’s #6 in this pic:

You can order it from your local dealer, p/n 21396-611-010 Or if you need a bunch of OEM parts then I’d suggest

Ah I feel dumb.

But Thank ya sir.