Help on stock cd player

Hey guys, I have a problem thats been going on for a while and frankly I’m fed up with it. My stock cd player has always given me problems with spitting cd’s out or not reading and taking forever to start playing (this is mainly with cd-r’s). I have tried cd lens cleaners and they don’t do anything to help it out. Is there anyway to possibly reset the cd player to somehow fix the problem. At the moment, I don’t really have the money to buy a new cd player so I’m trying to work with what I have. I’m tired of having to fiddle around with my cd player to get it to play. Suggestions are appreciated, tia guys.:slight_smile:

hmmm i’m not sure how to explain it but its not really the cd players problem. its just that that cd player is not like newer models that can read cd-r’s and if it can it might take longer to read cause of the program that is used to write the cd. it might not even read sometimes cause old cd players are not programed to do so. like newer models u get players like cd-rw player or mp3 player etc… i’m still using my stock cassette player with a cd player attached to it (one of those cassette with the cord plug). so u can just get a newer cd player or stick with it.