Help! ordered wrong arp studs

Ok… im rebuilding my motor for boost w/ all performance parts i.e. eagle rods, wiseco pistons, arp studs etc. but my problem is that i mis ordered my head studs, i ordered the studs for a b18c motor but i have a b18b motor. i was wondering if there was any way the vtec studs would work on my non vtec motor or do i just have to send the studs back and get the non vtec studs for the differance of $20 plus shipping?

Bump, anyone? i wanna get my car rebuilt asap

i have some oem ls headbolts with 16k on them

they’re not the same size so no.

Damn, i was hopin i could get away with the outside 8 and just reuse the taller two but it would probably be safer two just get the specific stud set for my ls

i will trade you, i have brand new arp headstuds for b18a/b but im goin ls/vtec so i need the gsr instead

I actualy just went with the stock bolts for now, i dont realy need them atm so… But im willing to trade for tunings supplys mainly a burner/emulator for obd0