help!! overheating problem - did search

car just started overheating as I left work today. I noticed it after the car running for about 5 minutes. I popped hood and saw the anti freeze fluid resovoir connected the the radiator was spitting out fluid and steam. I put some antifreeze directly in the radiator after etting it cool for about 30 min then drove off but 3 min later started overheating again. there is no anti freeze leaking out of the radiator. any help is greatly appreciated b/c my car is sitting in a commuter lot. btw, i’m going to try a radiator cap tomorrow morning but not sure if it’ll do anything

Are the fans coming on?
Also you can also kick the heater on full speed and it will help keep it cool for longer if u need to get it home. Im not sure if you managed to get it home or not.

dude, thats your water pump that you need to replace. while your doing that, you might as well do your timing belt to cut back on labor charges in case your timing belt gets bad later.

try your thermostat first… have you replaced that before? if you want you can just take it out and drive it home from the commuter lot with no thermostat if you are still overheating then you can for sure rule that out.

Water Pump

i think your right ,i change my thermostat still over heating.
i know that the water pump its next to the timing belt but where .

the water pump is beneath you cam gears on the side of the block. If I remember correctly it is also connected to your timing belt, I could be wrong cause I mix things up alot since I work on so many different cars.


i’ll check around ,but that’s a good start
thanks again

When you refilled the radiator with the anti freeze did you try squeezing the hoses to see if any air bubbles come up ? that might help. my car used to overheat and after replacing the thermostat and the radiator cap without any help to the problem, i changed the radiator and that fixed it. Hope my .02 helps.

My car overheat and now i can not start… what do think the problem…

well if it can’t start, start at the basics…

engine rotating?
strong spark at spark plugs?
when you turn key to #2 position you hear the fuel pump run?
Is there fuel in your fuel lines?