Help- Power Windows and Door Warning Light

my First problem is my door warning light, even when the doors are closed and the auto seatbelts do there things, my warning light for the door stays on. I think it just started yesterday and appeared after my car was started.(the car was dead and my friend had started the car by rolling it backwards down a hill) After that I think the door light started to stay on, I did not know where to start in trying to fix this and do not want to spend alot of money having a person repair it.

Iam thinking it may have to do with some electrical wiring in the door, because just lately my (drivers side, power window switch(rolling up the driver side) stoped working)

At first when I had the car for awhile the drivers side, passenger rollup worked alittle, it would sorta go up- when u pressed it like 2inchs or so, press it again to go up some more. Now more recently that stoped working all the way, and now my driver’s side window will also not roll up.

I have probably tooken off my door panel like 8+ times now, because I have been continuously chaning speakers

The wires connecting to the master switch or whatever, had 1 disconnected, I reconnected it and it did nothing the passenger side did not work(this was when only the drivers side would roll up), But when I pulled off my panel yesterday, the same wire was unconnected, and another wire was also not really connected, so I did my best in reconnecting both sets of wires and are pretty sure they are now fully connected.

So anyways my driver’s side windows will not roll up, Iam wondering if the switch is broken.

When I took off my panel yesterday- i also had taken off the switch. Looking at it for awhile i took off the ‘blue’ cover off the back of it, it was not black or dirty or really anything, I think i tried to scrap some gew? not really gew but like stuff on the connections that were sorta connecting to things together when they should not be, so they would no longe rbe touching. I checked to see if my fuses were okay and none of them look blown up to me and I tried different ones.

Iam really stuck here and confused and would greatly appreciate some help, thanks!

My passenger side window working 100% if used from the passenger side switch, if that was not clear- thanks again for your time

not sure what the problem is w/ your door light. try looking at the door switches (the little “L” shaped thing in each jamb that is moved by the door to tell the dome light to turn on).

as far as the window switch…sounds like the contacts are worn or dirty. do some searches, but more importantly check out the teg tips. The contacts can be cleaned. But be aware that this is only a temporary fix if the contacts are heavily worn as mine were.

Your door warning light is screwed. That happened on my 91 civic. Only those have flashing lights and loud beeps. The reason I got rid of it. I replaced the door sensors and everything. I was told the only thing you can do without tracing or replacing all the wiring is erase the door warning code from your ecu.

took it to the shop and thats exactly what they did, disable the door sensor light.

for the power windows, well all my cutom stero equipment and alarm system, in between the doors there were manyt cut wirse.