help! quick b16 sensor question

over the weekend i put my b16 in, the only problem is theres a sensor that isnt hooked up… its between the alternator and oil filter and is this the same sensor that was lower on the b18? because it looks the same but the connector wont reach that far.

If its the same connector should i just extend the wires? if not what did i do wrong?

Thanks for any help

That sensor is the knock sensor! It is not the same as the one on the B18a. That one I belive is an oil temp sensor (for AC)? You need to hook up the knock sesnor and run it to the ECU.


so i should just leave the plug that was lower on the b18(oil temp sensor ?) unplugged and wire the knock sensor and it should all be fine?




on my 90 ls i just swaped out with a secound gen b16 jdm the headers i have \put the o2 sensor in the back just cut the wire and extend it to where tou need it to go