Help Quick please, ty

Hi, i have been reading and trying for an hour now, i have a gen.2 Integra RS 4dr… my passenger door lock doesnt work, like… when life it up to unlock it it goes right back down, so u have to lift the hell out of it and open the door to get it to open, and its a bitch so im trying to get the door pannel off so i can look in and find out wats wrong…

i have all the skrews off, and all the little poppys are done, the top bottom and sides all pull out so i can see in… but the window crank, or in that area… just wont come off and idk what to do… i tryed the t-shirt thing and it nvr popped out or anything… any help would be aprichiated cuz i need to get movin and run some errands within a couple hours and dont wanna have to put it all back in yet… thanks a lot!

ok i wasnt using a think enough t-shirt so i was missing the clip, i got the panel off but i still cant see whats wrong with the lock… the lock itself on that metal rod is loose and just fell limp when the panel came off… ne ideas? is there a specific area i should take a picture of for more help? thanks

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