Help replacing thermostat!

Help, I’ve been at this for 3 hours! :bang:

I’ve removed the intake hose.
Removed the bolt holding the ground wire.
Removed one bolt holding the thermostat housing.

Cannot remove the last bolt!! None of my tools fit in there and I cannot pull the lower radiator hose off.

Would a box wrench fit in the last bolt or is there another tool I can buy to finish this job?

My wife is laughing at me saying I should have paid the local shop the $200 :bawl:

$200 to change a thermostat, damn, it is a 15 minute job. Always helps to have the right tool for the job tho. I changed mine and don’t remember any problems or special tools required. Good luck to you. Buy a $15 Haynes manual and the right tool you need and you will still save over $150 bucks.

You need a socket & possibly a small extension, that’s what I used…

I had the same problem with one of the bolts on mine as well. Get a 6 sided socket and you should be sorted.

thanks for the replies!

I finally got the last bolt out. My socket wrench could not fit so I had to buy a good old 10mm box wrench. You know, the ones which are a solid piece of metal. I wish I got a ratcheted one though! Took me forever to loosen up and then tighten that last bolt up!

Oh one more thing, a looong rod with a magnet at the end helps a lot too,. Twice, I dropped a bolt down and it got stuck where the speedometer cable meets the transmission. It’s too far to reach and the only way out it up! What a pain in the $%#%#%!!!

Good that you got it figured out, my sugestion would have been the wrench though, thats what saved me…

…speaking of dropping things down in the engine compartment, am I the only one the dropped their rotor screw down in the back of the engine? That was a biotch, had to look thru many jars of screws to find one that matched well. I have dropped sockets, wrenches, clamps, screwdrivers, flashlights, doobies, opps, well, you get the idea. Now I stuff a towel under the area I am working. I have a habbit of looking down the driveway to see if any of my items have dropped back out.

Ok, thermostat replaced and everything works!

I just had to post how long it took me to replace the @#$%% thermostat so you guys could get a good laugh. Once day I’ll get it down to 15 min :slight_smile:

10 am: Started taking intake hose off Integra to reach
10:15 am: Drained coolant
10:30 am: loosened 1/3 bolts on thermostat housing
10:35 am: dropped bolt into the Black hole of Japanese
car engine bays
10:36 am: shit shit shit
10:37 am: searching the whole house for magnets
10:40 am: first magnetic contraption fails
10:45 am: starting to magnetize screwdrivers by
brushing them with a magnet
10:50 am - 11:30 am: failed attempts to retrieve bolts
11:30 - 12:30 lunch
12:35 pm: I can’t believe it, I fished the #$%@#$ bolt
12:40 pm: removed bolt 2/3
12:45 pm: shit, socket wrench will not fit in crevice
to remove bolt 3/3. shit shit shit
12:50 pm: run to Osh to buy a set of metric box
wrenches. Hey, at least there’s no sales tax this
1:30 pm: starting to loosen bolt 3/3 with new box
wrench. damn, I can only move the bolt 3 degrees at a
1:50 pm: bolt 3/3 removed!
2:00 pm I took the old thermostat out!
2:05 pm: shit, the piece of shit replacement
thermostat from Krappen looks like shit compared to
the original one
2:10 pm: Off to Sunnyvale Acura to get an OEM
3:30 pm: back with new thermostat
3:45 pm: thermostat installed, putting bolt 1/3 in.
3:46 pm: shit dropped bolt into black hole
4:00 pm: fished bolt out
4:05 pm: tightened bolt 1/3
4:06 pm: putting bolt 2/3 in
4:40 pm: Fished out bolt 2/3
4:45 pm: bolt 2/3 on but not tightened yet as it takes
5:00 pm: too dark to continue…will finish tommorow.

9:00 am: back to work
9:30 am: put everything back together
10:00 am: refilled with coolant
10:30 am: evreything checks out ok. OMG I can’t believe I finally DID IT!!!

good god 2 days! but anywho… i must say a universal joint saved me more than once

O man thats great, took me about 6 hours cuz those damn bolts.

It took me 3 days to take a brake shim that got loose and started to make noise off, i broke off the lower caliper mounting bolt and had to have acura overnight me a new one :smiley:

Yeah, I made use of a universal and a few different length extensions when I did my thermostat last weekend. I was also using quarter inch drive for the smaller size. And I had to use our magnet on a pole to grab the socket which fell down on the tranny out.

can someone point out to me where the thermostat is located? I have a 1993 integra LS.

A picture or a diagram would be great.

follow the lower radiator hose, where it meets the engine there will be a small houseing. Remove the lower hose and the houseing and it’s there.

great, mine failed after installing the new radiator, Toyota red coolant, and water wetter…

what a waste.