HELP! sensor beside the oilfilter Broke!!

I know i put this up in General Disscusion section yesterday, but just in case anyone else have any opinion, cause i really need to know that this is… fast.

HELP! i was changing my oil today and while i was screwing the oil filter on, i broke a little sensor on top driver side of the oil filter and i have no idea what it is!!.. my car runs fine but i know its broken, can someone help me ASAP… i wish i had cam so i can take a picture but i don’t. there is two sensor beside the oil filter and its the smaller one. OH, and I have 91 RS stock motor… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!.. thanks.

OH, and if you know for sure what it is, is it serious problem? cause i have long drive ahead of me tommrow!

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in think there are 2 sensors up there. One is the oil filter pressure sender I think that the other is a temp sender that tells the fans when to go on. Go to the dealer and ask to see an exploded view of where the oil pressure sensor is. Point to the one that’s broke and buy it.