HELP!!!Some new Parts need to intall

I got four brand new Motor mOunts,and a pair of headers,any advice much appreciated,Thanks

Re: HELP!!!Some new Parts need to intall

Originally posted by BlackGSA1
a pair of headers

I’d go ask an NSX/Legend/Accord board for which ever car you have. They should be able to help you. I hear those V6 installs are a bitch.

yeah, for a pair of headers, those v6 engines are a bitch. Did you do a v6 accord swap?! Perhaps your question should have gone in hybrid because two headers on a b18 is new to me…two headers mean more horsepower?!

maybe hes got a pair of DCs and a pair of lightspeeds?

what if he bought two headers thinking our cars aren’t inline engines? dang…

anyway to help you out: you only need one header if you have a b-series engine in your car (which you might unless u did some crazy swap.)

Motor mounts you can download the Helms manual to get some pretty detailed instructions.

goto the search page and search for XDEP, I believe that member has the links to the Helms manual download in his signiture. SO pick any of his posts.