HELP! Stuck in limp mode with no codes need ECU???

92 GSR stuck in limp mode limits at 3500 rpm with CEL but no codes stored in ECU. I used a scope on all the CKP, CMP, and TDC sensors with good results. TPS and MAP also good. Can’t find any vtec or non vtec obd1 ecu’s around here to test with so I guess I need to buy one to find out. What to do?

This started when i took the engine harness, the engine, and ecu from a 93 GSR that ran and put it into my 92 GSR. There aren’t any differences that I know of between the 92 and 93.


need help tooo just changed my distributor in my obd1 ls-v set up and wont rev past 3500 it doesnt sound like rev limiter but it kinda sounds like anti lag

if theres a CEL, there is a code. maybe your not pulling right?

take a stethascope and check your injectors to see if the all sound the same. a long time ago I had an injector go bad on me and if was giving me the same symptoms you have.

or it could be your ecu, mines threw no codes also but limped me in the 3k range, switched the ecu and it ran fine…

Nah I am jumping correctly no blink tho. The Acura service manual tells me if the CEL is on and no codes are present or code 0, swap current ECM with a known good ECM. It doesn’t misfire the car feels normal driving until it hits 3500 it acts like 2 step or launch control but the ECM is stock. If I had another obd1 laying around I could figure it out easily. I will do some resistance tests on the injectors anyway. Thanks!! P.S. Can I run my B17 with a P30 or a P28?