help. swap wire problem.

i got a 91 ls with 93 b16 i think its obd0 and using the stock ls dizzy. i used the old ls harness and the car starts and run fine without the vtec hooked up. i’ve been driving the car for about a week now with no problem.
this is the issue i have.
i have a pigtail harness that hooks up to the stock pr4 harness obd0 thats made to hook up to p28 obd1. the issue i have is that this harness has additional 10 or so wire thats hook up to something else including the vtec and knock sensor. need help on anyone that ever come across this and i cant even get a hold of the guy i got this from.
i also have a hondata s100 that needs to be hook up to the p28 but after looking at the instruction. its actually harder than it looks. i need response from guys who have wiring experience with the harness and the hondata.
i’ve been to alot of places such as ericks racing and cant get a satisfactory answer to my problem.

somebody got any idea.

Sounds like you got a OBD conversion harness. Start by getting OBD1 and OBD0 pinouts. That will explain what sensor each pigtail goes to.