Help: transmission problem?

Well to start off my radiatior is leaking. Not sure where it is leaking from but going to check it out. It only leaks after the car has been running and is shut off. It leaks for a small period of time. This leads me to by big problem. I had been driving with no coolant in my car for a while. Now the car begins to jump when stopped when im in drive. When i accelerate the car feels very bogged down but when i hit 20+ goes back to normal and speed up quickly. i assume it is because my first gear is messed up. Any ideas on what it could be or what I should do would be greatly appreciated. I love my car and it was in perfect condition before all this happened but it seems like this is going to cost too much to fix ;( I think im going to buy an echo…its cheap and good mpg…btw reason i had been driving so long without the coolant was because i had just replaced it all and the whole time the temp gauge reading hot i assumed it was a broken gauge…im sad =(
EDIT- iv found that when the car is jumping/shaking at stops, the rpms go from 1000 to 500 then goes back to normal at 1000 over and over <ill count my gears when i get on highway>

make sure your actually starting off in 1st… run the car and make sure it goes through all gears… as in make sure you count them good… you COULD be starting off in second gear

i dont think it’s a tranny problem.
running w/o coolant is freakin’ deadly to your motor…does your motor sound any different?

also i think more details are needed, like if you’re getting a CEL.
bogging could be a lot of things, like a bad o2, cat, iavc, etc.

check your tranny fluid level, also.

hey you may have also damaged your Water-Pump

make sure all the hoses are fine, it may not necessarily be radiator

Some hoses are hidden and hard to get access.