HELP..trouble with suspension or steering.

i got 91 ls with kyb, prokit, both front tie bars and both rear tie bars. motor running and turn the steering to the left. i get a click noice while the car is not running. could this me the axle. and when i am moving the car feels loose and have a tendency to sway to left or right. i know my bushing needs replacement but i dont think it has something to do with that. when i accelerate the car squicks alot. i check all the bolt e.g. shocks and re-tighten them again. any idea.

maybe you need an alignment, or you could be having problems with a control arm.

i already had the alignment. i also check the control arms and it was fine and has no play. when i start the motor (car not moving) i get a click noise when the wheel is almost turned to the left all the way. when going about 40 and higher the car tend to sway left or right and have alot of squick on every bump except smooth surface of course. rim size 16’s with 205/40/16 with pressure set at 45 psi up front and 41 psi at rear. for sure i know its not the rack and pinion. i had a rack and pinion problem before with my mx6 and wheels locks at certain speed.

Yeah, you might want to try out your axles then. And you’re positive about the control arm? I had the same thing happen to me and the control arm looked fine, but everything was ok after I replaced it. also, try looking at your balljoints.

just trying to toss up a few ideas.