Help W/skunk2 I.m. & Aem Fuel Rail***long**

Im installling a skunk2 i.m. with a aem fuel rail to my new motor setup (B18B head on b18a block) and was wondering if someone could help me with some question i have. I’ve tried searching and what not but havent found what im looking for. Could someone point me in the right direction

I’m having troubles figuring out where to connect the extra lil coolant line (B) too.

Since the Skunk2 I.M. doesnt have the Valve assembly under the T.B. this how i was thinking of running the coolant lines:

Location (D) to (A) D is not shown in imagine, but i have a lil coolant spout there. I’m using the 94’ thermostat housing so location ( C) doesnt exist. Now that leaves location (B) un-used. should i plug that lil line?


Could I use the 92’ Thermostat housing and run the coolant lines like so: Location (D) to (A) and then loop Location ( C) to (B), would this be better?

Now on to the AEM Fuel Rail Question.

I installed my AEM Fuel Rail to the Skunk2 I.M. and had also replace the old injector seals with some new ones. Now to my problem, after installing the seal like shown in the image below (#5, and 1) in that same order, I ran into a problem with the fuel rail not sealing the tops of the injectors all the way(i can still wiggle them). I tried removing the little spacers (fig #8) and tigthening the fuel rail down like that. Being that the threads on the middle stud are longer it tightened down good but that left the 2 outer stud with about .25 more to go. before the nuts even touch the fuel rail. could I have installed the studs in backwards? or was i even supposed to take out those spacers?

sorry for the long thread and any help would be great


Most skunk2 users including me plugged “B” in the first picture. Put a hose on it with a bolt on the end with clamps, make sure everything is tight. That’s it!!!

As for the fuel rail, did you install #22 (on the last pic) on the skunk2 manifold? When installed mine, i removed #8 and put a bolt instead of using #22 and nuts.


I used #22 and removed #8, but I think I’m gonna try using the middle studs(#28) for the 2 outer ones being that they have a longer thread for the bolt to travel and keep #8 off, that should do the trick.

So all i have to do is plug location (B), cool :smiley:

Thanks for the help

Should we keep this thread up for future reference or should I delete it?


I see how #28 has a smaller unthreaded part copared to #22 so i guess putting #28s on all 3 holes would work.

On mine I already have the '93 t-stat housing so I looped ‘B’ and ‘C’ together and ‘A’ and ‘D’ together. Plugging the hose with a bolt kinda scared me considering how press. can build up, seems better to let it flow.

For the fuel rail I used some 1/8" washers as spacers because the stock spacers made the rail sit too high. On one of the studs I had to put a couple washers on top of the rail mounting base because the nut would bottom out before touching the rail. It’s basically just trial-and-error.