Help....Washed car and now it won't start

Could someone please help…
I have a 92 teg gs and 3 days ago I found oil in my spark plugs and wires. The car starts all the time but just today I washed my car and now it doesn’t want to start. I turn the key but it struggles to start sounds like the fuel pump is working but it just won’t start.

Buy new sprak plug wires and plugs, and a new valve cover gasket set! Then try it.

Help…Washed car and now it won’t start

I’ll try that!
My car started this morning but I’m going to get it fixed as aoon as possible.
Would the car not start if I have an AEM cold air intake and the filter got wet.

Please let me know, would appreciate all the feedback I could get so I can prevent this from happening again.


Yes your car should start with a wet air filter, and if , on occasion it doesn’t start, check to see if your CEL light doesn’t go off after turning the key to ignition. Main Fuel Relay could be going if it is still original. Late

the chances of you getting your cold air intake wet enough from washing your car, to make your car not start is pretty much impossible. the only way I could see that happening is if your hole filter was submerged.