Help, Water Leaking In

ok guys i’ve recently noticed that there is water leaking into the trunk area whenever it rains or i was my car, not cool. there was a big pool of water in my trunk after a few days of rain and i cant really see where the leak is coming from. the only visible holes i have are the two holes from my emblem getting jacked, but i dont think that much water would get in, but i dunno if that hole would even allow that much water to go in. the water is leaking on the sides somewhere, not dripping directly down, so if anyone had this problem or has a good idea where the leak is coming from please let me know, thanks.

Remove the plastic panel on the right hand (passenger side) of the trunk. You don’t have to remove it all the way, but pull the rear section out a bit. In order to do this you have to take off the rear panel entirely. Now look in there. There is a “roof drain” hose that attaches to a “exit hose” right there. Chances are that came undone somehow and is leaking there. Either that or your roof drain got clogged and it’s leaking there. I had this problem about a month ago. Really sucked. Best of luck.

This isn’t really a solution but it bypasses the problem. There is a drain hole right where your jack is held in place. This hole gets clogged up easily with debris and so on. Once you clean it out the water will flow out of your trunk thru holes on either side of your tail hitch. I have the problem with water leaking in due to worn taillight gaskets, but ever since I cleared out that hole, no water stays in to wet anything.

there is a posibility that it’s your taillight gaskets too.