help with 92 bumper on 90 teg

I put my 92 bumper on my 90 teg and the bumper by the wheels part are pushing out. Also there is like more space then there was when I had the original one on by the headlights. It looks good from far but from close you can see the flaws. any help would be appreicated. thanks

The brackets where you put the screws in the wheelwell are somewhat adjustable. There is a couple of bolts that can move the whole assembly in a bit, not a lot, but a little and it might help. As far as the headlights, what doesnt fit right? Is there more gap? Did you put the gaskets that go under the headlights back in on the newer bumper??

Is your bumper an OEM or Aftermarket unit??

I tried to adjust the parts by the end and it still doesn’t fit right. It’s a oem 92 bumper. I put the gaskets back as well but there is still a lot of space. My friend said that the bumper might be worp. Is that possible?

Oh ya its possible to warp a frontend, but as long as it hasnt been wrecked, it should go back to original shape when heated up. I alwaze let my frontends heat up in the sun ree good before I fit them on.