Help With ABS

I got the sheet from the teg tips section with all the codes and sub codes for diagnosing an ABS problem. But the code i got was MAIN CODE=4 which says wheel speed sensor which makes sense cause ive had problems with this in the past. But then it gave me the SUB CODE= 8 and the wheel sensor sub code only goes to 4. The only sub code that goes to 8 is rear wheel lock but the main code is 5. I checked it over and over and its MAIN CODE 4 and SUB CODE 8 can anyone help me out cause i dont know what to do…

what year/trim for abs? I know my 92 GS has had nothing but issues with the abs system… if brake lines weren’t such a B**** I’d dump the whole system.
but anyways, best best I’ve found is get a can of contact cleaner from NAPA/carquest, etc and pop the plugs out from the main sylinder under the hood and SPRAY THE CRAP out of them… let it sit for an hour and a lot of times it’ll get rid of the code… old rubber doesn’t seal for squat :stuck_out_tongue: