help with B16a2 swap.

Ok peps
I have a 90 GS with a 5 sped tranny. The motor is knocking. So I was going to rebuid it before I found a real good deal on a B16a2. I got the whole motor, tranny, complete harness, ECU, shift linkage, and the axles for $600. The motor has 20k miles on it. The guy was desprate for cash.
So now here are a few questions. I will have to use my stock ls cable tranny, will this bolt right on the b16a2 block. If it does do I have to buy a new clutch or can I use the one that came with the b16a2 motor (it looks clean and good). Next I will have to use the stock LS harness, so can I use the LS ecu for a while before I can find a obd1 vtec ecu, will the car drive fine with the ls ecu, it does not matter that the vtec doesn’t work for right now.
And will I need anything else.
Has anyone done this swap before? Any advise or do i have to look out for anything?
please help.

  1. why not use the tranny that came with the engine?
  2. the LS will bolt up but it’s not geared for it and im not sure it can handle the higher redline(?), but it will work.
  3. i would replace the clutch while you have the motor out, it will save you money in the long run, but you dont have to.
  4. I dont think it will run like that, wait untill you get all the parts before the swap. you may need to get the right harness, i thought you said it came with the ecu?

thats the best i can do

Thanks guys
I have completed the swap and The car started right up. All I have to do now is to put the axles and everything is done. But the only thing that I need to do is to do somthing about the hood. It closes but it kinda sits up a bit. Other than that everything is a ok.
Oh yeah does anyone know how to make a vtec controller with a toggle switch or is anyone selling one under a $100. Thanks

Originally posted by b16Teg
1. why not use the tranny that came with the engine?

b16a2 = hydro tranny.



ahh yeah, i was thinkin b16a1. why is the hood not shutting right?
mine does and i have the same swap, well its the b16a1

hmm…did you maybe bump the hood latch when you did the swap? or maybe when you removed the hood the latch part on the actual hood got bumped…other than that iono

the hinges may have been funked up in the swap somehow too…

or maybe when you reattached the hood something got funky with the hinge bolts…

check that shizzle, my nizzle. :smiley:


if its hitting the engine you messed up somewhere. :eek: