help with b18c

what kind of ECU am i going to have to use with a b18c engine? and how will i pass smog???

you’re going to use the ecu that comes w/ the swap. If it doesn’t come w/ one then you’ll need to get yourself a 94-94 gsr ecu, which is a “p72” That is the only ecu that will properly control the secondary butterflies on the intake manifold on the b18c.

go to the teg tips, look in the engine section, and then download the Engine Swap Guide…all the info you need about the swap is there.

Technically you are not going to be able to pass smog with that motor. In california if you do an engine swap it is MANDATORY that the smog shop turn you down and that you visit the State BAR referee. If he’s a stickler for details then getting the BAR sticker for that motor isn’t going to be easy. There will be two main obstacles. First is the tranny. You have to use the hydro tranny that comes with the motor—to put that in your car its gonna cost a lot of $$ and take a lot of time and effort. Second, there is some characteristic of the G3 integra fuel tank that is different from ours. I’m unaware of the exact difference, but again, if the ref is a stickler for details he’ll hound you about this. Again, i’m not sure of the exact difference so i’m not sure what exactly needs to be done to get it legit.

Chances are that the ref won’t check the tranny or this fuel tank thing…but you never know, so is it worth risking it? thats up to you. If you are wondering about california smog rules you should do a search. Search both on the internet (google…and find the california BAR website) and here on this site. Cali smog rules have been gone over numerous times here.