Help with checking ECU

Today may car was really starting to miss. It almost stalled on me starting out in 1st i went to get on it and it felt like it had no power its also has a bad idle and some times almost stalls at idle.
I just order new plugs and wires Hope that will fix it.
Anyway i wanted to check the ECU for any codes but i have no clue how to.
92 GS-R:(

If theres no engine light on, theres no codes to check.

Thats a good thing-

So if the engine light stays on…then that’s the only time we have to check the ECU?


The only time you should need to check codes on any ECU
is if you have a check engine light telling you to do so.

If you just wanna clear the ECU of any old codes lurking, just undo the battery, or pull the fuse under the hood.

Here’s how to pull the codes from the ecu:
For 90-91: pull the carpet back on passenger side floorboard and check the LED on the ecu. It will blink a certain amount of times and that is what the code is.
For 92-93: go to the passenger side floorboard again and look under the dash, there will be a two-wire harness(gray in color), take a piece of speaker wire and jump the connectors togehter and then turn the key to the On position. the check engine light will blink and that will be the code.
then go to htis site and check teg tips and they list what all the codes are.

Hope that helps

Does that work if you’re ECU’s been reprogrammed? Mine now has a Prospeed or something sticker, it’s been reprogrammed for VTEC and the rev limit reset.